I currently work as an associate researcher at Technical University of Munich (TUM). My research focuses on decentralizing the Internet of Things.

Research Interests

  • Embedded Systems
  • Decentralized Consensus
  • Blockchain
  • Light Cryptography



Ideas come to life

ID2 Identifiers

A universal notation scheme for over 100 identifiers, such as DOI, EAN, or crypto-addresses.


Academic Dictionary for Scientific Writing in American English.

Binary Clock

Display date and time – NERD style.


Minimal CSS3 framework with few but great styles for basic HTML tags.


Interactive Knowledge Platform.

Paper Checker

Python script that checks english texts for grammar mistakes.

High-Altitude Glider

Flight stack written in Ada/SPARK 2014


A quick & dirty python script which translates C to Ada code.


A bash/zsh/fish prompt with the power of a Titan.


German XKB keyboard layout with 8 levels for often used unicode characters.


Cheat Sheets from Students for Students.


Simulation of a Four-Dimensional Hypercube



The art of movement

Parkour and Freerunning

Since 2008 I work as a coach for Parkour and Freerunning with children and young adults. I try to motivate them for these trend-sports that focus on body control and help to touch physical limits without any competitive spirit.
Check out the hompage of TSV-Herrsching.

Indoor Training

Trampoline Hall


Other Sports

I also enjoy trying all other sorts of sports.


Wind Surfing

Mountain Biking





Wave Surfing


My short list of helpful writing rules for scientific articles. Also available as PDF Version. Do write in active voice. Don’t let words be written. It was found to result in confusion about by whom actions have been caused. Do use simple and common words. Your goal is to inform, not to impress. Don’t engender flowery or compounded character constructions to disguise incertitude. Do use positive forms and opposites to avoid negative forms. Read more...

“It is better to be roughly right than precisely wrong.”— Alan Greenspan While calculating with exact numbers is easy 4th grade math, scientific calculations with approximate measurement values require some special considerations. Here is how to do it roughly right. The correct notation Every physical quantity, such as the gravity constant1 $$\mathrm{G} \approx 6.674\;08(31) \cdot 10^{-11} \;\mathrm{m^{3}\;kg^{-1}\;s^{-2}}$$ should be correctly rounded, state the uncertainty, and specify the SI units using exponents. Read more...

Verschiedene, starke Passwörter benutzen ohne sich viel zu merken. Im Allgemeinen braucht man 2 Arten von Passwörtern. Starke Passwörter für wichtige Accounts und ein Wegwerf-Passwort für Webseiten, die man nur einmal oder selten besucht [2]. Viele Seiten fordern inzwischen mindestens 8 Zeichen mit Großbuchstaben und Zahlen, deswegen sollte auch Dein Wegwerf-Passwort diese Anforderung erfüllen. Aber was ist wirklich sinnvoll? Ein wirklich gutes Passwort … … darf keine sinnvollen Wörter (Wörterbuch) enthalten! Read more...